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By Kenneth Wieting

Here you stand, wondering what the Lord’s Supper is all about.
Lutheranism 101: THE LORD’S SUPPER examines what Scripture and the Confessions have to say about Jesus’ gift of His true body to eat and His true blood to drink.
What Lutherans believe and teach about the Lord’s Supper makes Lutherans distinct from all other Christians. The Lord’s Supper is a life-giving blessing given by God to the Church. It is a miracle in bread and wine established by the God-man Jesus Christ. The mystery of Jesus’ incarnation is the burning center of our salvation. His incarnation is also the center of the Lutheran teaching about this gift.
Lutheranism 101: THE LORD’S SUPPER gives
 • An overview of Jesus’ teaching regarding the Lord’s Supper
 • A discussion of problems that happen when some either don’t believe what Scripture says about His Supper, or try to say more than Scripture says
 • A discussion of how belief in who Jesus is effects what we believe about the Sacrament and what we receive
Each chapter concludes with several questions that can be used to further the study and the discussion about the material.  ~ (from

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