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Christ and His saints are one spritual body, a vital union even as the human body is joined with the head.  This spiritual body includes the saints who have already departed this life in the faith.  Christ is eternal and His body cannot be divided by our limits of time.  (p. 200)

When the Lord, the head of the church, comes into our midst, He does not do so in isolation from His body.  Those who have died in Christ are always with Him, even when He comes to serve us.  Their bodies may be temporarily present in the cemetery, but their living souls are with Christ who comes to teach and feed us.  (p. 200, 201)

The Sacrament of the Altar is the closest meeting point between us and our Lord.  How can He come closer to us than to come under the very roof of our mouths with His holy body and holy blood?  This means that the altar, the Lord's Supper, is also the closest meeting point between us and the body of the Lord - His church, His saints.  This includes our loved ones who have died in the faith.  They are with Him who comes bodily to feed us.  (p. 201)

"The Blessings of Weekly Communion" - CPH - 2006

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