The Day of Pentecost initiated a miracle of speaking and hearing and washing and eating!  Jesus had said it was to our advantage that He go away and send the Holy Spirit (John 16:7).  That advantage is immediately seen as His disciples boldly proclaimed the crucified and risen Christ and those who had crucified Him were cut to the heart!  That advantage is wondrously seen in God's command to be baptized (washed) for the forgiveness of sins!  That advantage is ongoingly seen as the Holy Spirit led the Church in steadfast devotion to the fellowship and the prayers that flowed from and were centered in the Apostle's Teaching and the Lord's Supper (breaking of bread) (Acts 2:42).

What an advantage for you - who have received the washing of rebirth (Titus 3) and been clothed with Christ (Gal 3)!  What an advantage for you who have been gifted with faith by the Holy Spirit!  What an advantage for you as the risen Christ comes each week to teach you (the Apostle's Doctrine) and to feed you (the breaking of bread)!

The means of the Holy Spirit have not changed since that first Pentecost!  He brings Jesus to you with words and water and bread and wine!  The gifts He gives you therein carry with them forgiveness of sins, life and salvation!  The gifts He gives you carry with them an eternal advantage!

Teach us to know the Father, Son,
And You, from both, as Three in One
That we Your name may ever bless
And in our lives the truth confess.

Praise we the Father and the Son
And Holy Spirit, with them One,
And may the Son of us bestow
The gifts that from the Spirit flow!

(LSB - #498, Come, Holy Ghost, Creator Blest)
Arise! Shine! Your light has come!
by Rev. Kenneth Wieting

Christ from heav'n to us descending
And in love our race befriending;
In our need His help extending,
Saved us from the wily foe.

From the bondage that oppressed us,
From sin's fetters that possessed us,
From the grief that sore distressed us,
We the captives, now are free.

(LSB 375, Stanzas 2 & 4).

In December 1619, there was the first known Lutheran service on the continent (of North America).  A Danish expedition, attempting to find a northwest passage to Asia, wintered at Churchill, Manitoba.  They were accompainied by a Lutheran minister, Rasmus Jensen, who led the group in a service of Word and Sacrament: "The Holy Christmas Day was celebrated in customary fashion.  we had a sermon and Communion and our offerings to the minister after the sermon were in accordance with our means."  Two months later the minister died of scurvy. 

(Wolf - Lutherans in America - p. 2 - as quoted in The Blessings of Weekly Communion, CPH, 2006 - p. 123, 124)
ADVENT – OUR LORD COMES! The most ancient liturgical prayer “Come Lord Jesus” (maranatha) has a double meaning. It is a prayer for the coming of the Risen Christ into His gathered congregation and a prayer for His coming at the end of time.

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