The life of a holy person consists more in taking from God than in giving, more in desiring than in having, more in becoming pious than in being pious; as St. Augustine says:  Faith acquires what the Law requires.  For this reason asking and seeking constitute the real mode of life of the inner man.

What Luther Says - para # 697, p. 234

Though everything be taken from a Christian, he uses the occasion only to improve himself the more, and his faith constantly grows and increases and so rules his heart that neither wealth nor poverty trouble him nor make him either sad or joyful.  He is not the happier for being wealthy and having money and possessions; nor is he the sadder for being poor.  Whether one lashes or lauds him is all the same to him.  This serenity is caused by the spirit he has.  It is the cheerful, firm faith with which he clings to God...There is something very grand about a Christian, something inexpressibly great.

What Luther Says, para #691, p. 232.

When a Christian begins to know Christ as his Lord and Savior, who has redeemed him from death, and is brought into His dominon and heritage, his heart is thorougly permeated by God; then he would like to help everyone attain this blessedness.  For he has no greater joy than the treasured knowledge of Christ.  So he begins to teach and exhort others, confesses and commends his blessedness before everybody, and sighs and prays that they, too, may come to this grace.  He has a restless spirit while enjoying rest supreme, that is, God's grace and peace.  Therefore he cannot be quiet or idle but is forever struggling and striving with all his powers as one living only to spread God's honor and praise farther among man, to cause others also to receive this spirit of grace and through it also to help him pray. 

What Luther Says - #3014

This is the office and work of the Holy Spirit: to reveal through the Gospel what great and glorious things God has done for us through Christ, namely, that He has redeemed us from sin, death, and the devil's power; has taken us into His grace and protection; and has given Himself utterly and entirely for us.

(What Luther Says - # 2045)

We must constantly handle, preach, bear and inculcate the Word until the Holy Spirit comes.  There is no other way to acheive the desired end.  To sit in a corner, to gape heavenward, and to wait to see Him come is sheer folly.  The Word is the only bridge and path by which the Holy Spirit comes to us.

(What Luther Says - #2052)

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