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Bible Study & Sunday School: Sun-10:45AM

Currently our wednesday morning Matins service includes a short reading from the Large Catechism on the Sacrament of Holy Baptism.  Some gleanings...

Baptism is a very different thing from all other water, not by virtue of the natural substance, but because here something nobler is added, for God himself stakes his honor, his power, and his might on it.  Therefore it is not simply a natural water, but a divine, heavenly, holy and blessed water...all by virtue of the Word, which is a heavenly, holy Word that no one can sufficiently extol, for it contains and conveys all that is God's.

This is the simplest way to put it; the power, effect, benefit, fruit, and purpose of baptism is that it saves.  For no one is baptised in order to become a prince, but as the words say, "to be saved."

Thus you see plainly that baptism is not a work that we do but that it is a treasure that God gives and faith grasps, just as the Lord Christ upon the cross is not a work but a treasure placed in the setting of the Word and offered to us in the Word and received by faith.

In baptism, therefore, every Christian has enough to study and practice all his life.