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As Jesus gave pastors (Eph 4) He gave only male pastors!  As the Holy Spirit gave the Apostle Paul the words to speak to Christ's Church, the gift of the pastoral office is clealry not given by God to women.  This is not because male and female are not equal before God.  This was also not because of social custom of the day as some mistakenly say and others who know better deceptively say.  This was because of Christ's loving will for His Church.  As Christ comes to serve His Bride through the pastoral office the qualifications that He sets forth for the men He calls to this office are abundantly clear in God's Word.  The paragraph below is helpful in debunking the false "social custom" argument. 

"I corinthians is written to a thoroughly Gentile congregation.  It was the Jews and not the Gentiles that forbad women to participate in the worship services.  The pagan cults in Canaan from the time of the Jewish invasion had female gods and priestesses.  Aphrodite, a Hellenistic form of the Phoenician sex deity Astarte, was found in Corinth.  Paul could hardly just be expressing custom in not letting women participate as pastors, since custom not only allowed Gentile women to participate, but encouraged them to lead in the worship.  It is safe to assume that the desire of women to be pastors in the Corinthian congregations is directly traceable to the pagan influence of the priestesses at the temple of Aphrodite.  This is not mere speculation, as Paul in the same epistle speaks of the Christians' relationship to idols (I Cor. 8)."

(From Women Pastors? A Collection of Essays, Concordia Publishing House, 2008, p. 238).