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In Earlier centuries they Day of Epiphany - recognized every January 6th - was the second most important day in the church year (second only to Easter Day).  It's importance is captured in the Gopsel lesson for the day - The Coming of the Wisemen.  They were the first gentiles to witness the appearence of God-in-the flesh.  That is why Epiphany is also called the "Gentile Christmas".  

Epiphany means "to appear" or "shine forth".  The whole season - like Epiphany Day - focuses our hearts and minds on God coming to the people in the person of Jesus Christ.  Without Jesus, without the Word made flesh, God would not be manifest (made known) among us.  In Jesus the grace and lovingkindness of God is revealed.  In the gifts Jesus brings the grace and lovingkindness of God is distributed to us.  He is the light of the world.  He is the light in our darkness!

A Blessed Epiphany to you!  Be enouraged to rejoice not just in the season but in the very Day of Epiphany - Friday - January 6th.  As your brothers and sisters in Christ have done down through the passing years and the circling centuries - be invited to meet with Jesus and His gathered people this January 6th to receive gifts far more precious than the Wise Men traveled so far to lay before Him!  

This Year - 2012 - we will worship at Our Savior, White Fish Bay - Friday - Jan 6th - at 6:30PM.