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I certainly love it with all my heart, the precious, blessed supper of my Lord Jesus Christ, in which He gives me His body and blood to eat and to drink orally, with the mouth of my body, accompanied by the exceedingly sweet and gracious words: Given for you, shed for you (Matt. 26; Mark 14; Luke 22)
(What Luther Says - para 2464, page 792)

To say that one takes and receives the forgiveness of sins in this Sacrament is not speaking incorrectly; for where Christ is, the forgiveness of sins is.  Here are His body and blood according to his Word.  He, then who receives, eats, and drinks these elements and believes that the body of Christ was given for him and His blood was shed for the remission of sins - should he not have the remission of sins?  This is a benefit; indeed, it is the greatest and best one.  (From a Communion sermon of 1534 on I Cor. 11:23-26 - From What Luther Says - para 2504, page 808)

In a sermon on John 4:47-54 Luther preached that that the Lord assures us personally in his Supper as He personally assured the centurion of Capernaum that his son lived.  This indvidualizing goes on also in the Lord's Supper.  During its administration the body of Christ is given to you in particular with the bread and the blood with the wine, while you in particular are told that His body was given for you and that His blood was shed for you.  This is done so that you do not doubt but appropriate this sacrifice as your very own because it is placed into your mouth and made your own, to eat and to drink for yourself only.   In this act of communing, God is certainly not dealing and speaking with any person but you. 
(From What Luther Says - para 2508, page 809)