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Bible Study & Sunday School: Sun-10:45AM

A Return to Original Foundations

We teach nothing new.  We teach what is old and what the apostles and all godly teachers have taught, inculcated, and taught before us.  (What Luther Says - para 2689)

Conserving the Good of the Past

The chief reason why we observe...festivals is that the ministry of the Word may be preserved, so that people may come together on certain days and at certain times in order to hear the Word, to learn to know God, to partake of Holy Communion, to pray together for all their needs, and to give thanks to God for all His benefits, both bodily and spiritual.  And I believe that for this reason, above all, the fathers' instituted the observance of the Lord's Day, Easter, Pentecost, etc.  (What Luther Says - para 2691)


Our church will not be endangered as greatly by the oppressive measures of tyrants as by the indifference of our own people.  (What Luther Says - para 2714)