Luther Memorial Chapel &
University Student Center

Shorewood, Wisconsin
Divine Service: Sun-9:00AM, Mon-7:00PM
Bible Study & Sunday School: Sun-10:45AM

Although a rascal, a godless and unbelieving person, takes or gives the Sacrament, he takes or gives the true Sacrament, that is Christ's body and blood, just as truly as he who administers and receives it most worthily, so long as the Sacrament is celebrated as Christ has instituted and commanded it and the words of Christ are spoken.  For the Sacrament is not based on the holiness of men but on the Word of God.  And just as no saint on earth, yea, nor any angel in heaven, can make Christ's body and blood out of the bread and wine, just so no one can alter or change the essence of the Sacrament, even though it is misused.  For the Word by which it was instituted and made a Sacrament does not become false because of a person's unbelief.  For He does not say: If you believe or are worthy, you have My body and blood, but Take, eat and drink, this is My body and blood (Matt 26;26ff).  (What Luther Says - pp. 795, 796, para 2473)