Luther Memorial Chapel &
University Student Center

Shorewood, Wisconsin
Divine Service: Sun-9:00AM, Mon-7:00PM
Bible Study & Sunday School: Sun-10:45AM

No man on earth is more accursed than a wealthy man who is miserly.  He is really not worthy to serve God and men with his possessions.  The poorest beggar, the most miserable wretch, is not worried as he is and is not to be compared with the stingy fellow who struts about in expenseive garments and yet does not have the grace to give God a single penny.

What Luther Says - para # 3065 - p. 974

Money Hides God from a Man.  When you have money, you easily despise the God whom you also have.

What Luther Says - para # 3070 - p. 975

Greed in the Pulpit and Pew Especially Bad.  He who would be a faithful pastor and a diligent listener, who takes God's Word seriously, must learn to avoid the vice called greediness.  For the progress of the Gospel is immeasurably hindered when preacher and hearer are greedy.  A greedy preacher does not like to preach the Word, nor are his greedy parishioners glad to hear it.  The former will preach only enough to insure his salary and sustenance; the latter will hear no more than pleases them.  This is why the Gospel must fall and go down wherever greed reigns.  A greedy peasant or townsman says: I must go out to the field to my trade, I cannot wait to listen to the sermon.  A greedy preacher says: I cannot preach more for it brings nothing to my kitchen.

What Luther Says - para # 3064, p. 973