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With God nothing has any standing except grace (#1846).  These promises of grace are all based on Christ from the beginning of the world, so that God promises this grace to no one in any other way than in Christ and through Christ (#1845).

No faith is sufficient to save except the Christian faith, which believes in Christ and through Him, and in no other way, receives these two things; satisfaction of divine justice and grace or the bestowal of eternal salvation.  Thus says St. Paul (Romans 4:25): "Christ was delivered for our offenses and was raised again for our justification"  (#1462).  Our faith is an astounding thing - astounding that I should believe Him to be the Son of God who is suspended on the cross, whom I have never seen, with whom I have never become acquainted...But He says in the Gospel: I am a Lord  (#1423).  There is no other way or means whereby we come to faith than by hearing, learning, and considering the Gospel; (#1417).

The Holy Spirit Himself and God, the Creator of all things, is the Author of this book (#168).  I shall and must be convinced by Scripture, not by the unreliable life and teachings of men, no matter how holy they may be (#280).  Let the Holy Spirit Himself read this Book to His own if He desires to be understood.  For it does not write about men or about making a living as all the other books do, but about the fact the God's Son was obedient to His Father for us and fulfilled His will...the Son of God willingly and obediently became a burnt offering in order to appease God's wrath (#248).  It is beyond a doubt that the entire Scripture points to Christ alone (#208).

The numbers above represent paragraphs found in "What Luther Says."