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Christ's First Advent Necessarily Lowly, But His Second Not
...Men fear power and stand in awe of wisdom.  If Christ has come with trumpets and had had a cradle of gold, his birth would have been a splendid afair.  But it would not be comforting to me.  He was rather to lie in the lap of a poor maiden and be considered of little consequence in the eyes of the world.  Now I can come to him.  So He now reveals himself to the miserable in order not to create the impression that He is coming with great power, pomp, wisdom and aristorcratic behavior.  But upon His return on that Day, when He will come against the high and mighty, it will be different.  Now He comes to the poor, who need a Savior; but then He will come as  Judge against those who are persecuting Him here.  (What Luther Says - #462 - p. 155).