Luther Memorial Chapel & University Student Center
Shorewood, Wisconsin
Divine Service: Sun-9:00AM, Mon-7:00PM
Bible Study & Sunday School: Sun-10:45AM

The body of Christ was God's temple, His castle and palace, His royal hall.  We should note this well.  So God had bound Himself to the temple at Jerusalem, which is now to end, not indeed for his own sake but for the sake of the people, who for this reason had a definite place where they knew they could find God.  ... But now in the New Testament, God has prepared a different temple in which He wills to dwell.  This is the dear humanity of our Lord Jesus Christ.  There God desires to let himself be found, and nowhere else.  ... For Christ is the true Mercy Seat, with whom we find pure grace, pure love, pure friendliness... (What Luther Says - # 477 - pp. 160, 161).