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The dear angels are so good that they are altogether satisfied with everything God does.  They fall down and worship God, who has become man, and are heartily and immeasurably glad because of His incarnation, as their Christmas hymn indicates: "Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, good will toward men."  Should we, then, not be ashamed, we poor mud sacks, who promptly want to exalt ourselves when we know that we have done a little more than another, while we ought to be heartily satisfied with what God does?  But the pesky devil strengthens us in our evil way and nature, which wants to be seen.  When it becomes a bit conscious of the fact that it has lived an honorable and respectable life, which another has not done, or has otherwise done more good in the world and Christendom than another, it will hardly resist the impulse to argue with God.  (What Luther Says, #4020, p. 1261)