How many idols did Rome alone have?  How many Greece?  How many Egypt?  And yet never did they take up arms for the sake of such great differences in religion.

He (Satan) can tolerate all other religions, but this one which is true he hates and persecutes and causes men to judge it an intolerable yoke.  But why does the world do this?  For all that, the Gospel does nothing else than liberate consciences from the fear of death so that we believe in the forgiveness of sins and hold fast the hope of eternal life through the Son of God delivered up for us.  The Gospel teaches these things, however, in such a way that it does not condemn magistrates, laws, goods, or other things, nor remove or change them.  These things remain in their proper place.  It thinks only of healing consciences, lest, oppressed by sins and the fear of death, they be without consolation and help.  Why, then, does the world not allow this?  Why does it call it a "yoke," why "chains," and refuse to tolerate it?

I answer: It does not wish to give up its own righteousness.  it does not wish its own wisdom to be obscured.  it does not even wish to abandon its own glory and power.  And if I may put it into one word, it does not wish, nor is it able, to keep the First Commandment but struggles against it with all the powers of the will, intellect, and possessions.

What Luther Says - #750, p. 253