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It is usual to speak (of the ascension) in a twofold way; first in the manner of the enthusaists, according to whom He ascended and is sitting in heaven above as in a swallow's nest...as if Christ...were bound to be confined...to one place.  In accordance with their seeing and thinking, they then want to conclude...that Christ cannot be present everywhere in the Sacrament with His body and blood. 
The right hand of God, however is not a physically confining space in heaven but the position of all authority in heaven and on earth.  Far from confining the flesh and blood Jesus, His glorious Ascension means that the God/Man now rules all things.  Luther makes clear that the Ascended Christ has not withdrawn, has not resigned His office, has not ceased to be our only Prophet, Priest, and King.  In reality it is He and only He who teaches in His church.

(Christ continues His Office of Teaching) - On Judgment Day it will do no good to say: so many...taught differently.  We should be pleased to accept whatever He says; and whatever is contrary to His Word and teaching is damnable. 

(What Luther Says - para #532, #533).