Luther Memorial Chapel &
University Student Center

Shorewood, Wisconsin
Divine Service: Sun-9:00AM, Mon-7:00PM
Bible Study & Sunday School: Sun-10:45AM

In a 1534 sermon on Acts 1:1-11, Dr. Martin Luther preached publicly at the parish church on Christ's Ascension...

...thereby Christ's kingdom is clearly and properly distinguished from all other kingdoms on earth.  Worldly kings do not ascend to heaven in order to occupy and establish their kingdoms, but remain on earth.

Other kings set their thrones in castles, cities, countries, among people on earth; but this King sets his throne in the heights at the right hand of majesty in heaven, where he governs for eternity, just as Psalm 45:6 also states, "Thy throne, O God, is for ever."

He ascended on high in order to lead captivity captive.  ... Christ ascended on high and sits at the right hand of the Father in majesty in order to set free and release the captives...