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Shorewood, Wisconsin
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The sum and substance of this epistle (2 Corinthians) is that in a preacher or teacher no vice is more hurtful or harmful than vainglory, although avarice is also an evil trait in them, and both commonly appear together.  For the sake of profit - that they may gain more - preachers and teachers want to be something outstanding, special, and superior.  ... All other vices are more endurable in a preacher, although of course, none of them are good...Nor is this surprising, for both vices are naturally and directly opposed to the nature of the ministry.  For the ministry is ordained wholeheartedly to seek and exalt the glory of God, as Psalm 19:2 says: "The heavens declare the glory of God."  ...therefore it is not possible for him who seeks his own honor in the ministry to remain on the right road and proclaim the pure Gospel...He must preach what pleases the people, is a credit to himself, and magnifies his skill and understanding.  Just so avarice is by its very nature an enemy of the ministry. 

What Luther Says - #2991 - Pride and Avarice, Ministry's Deadly Foes...