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By Kenneth Wieting

alt"Pastor, if the Lord's Supper is everything that the Bible and the catechism says it is, then why don't we have the opportunity to receive it when we come for worship each week?"
This one question helped kick off more than a decade of exploration of the "treasure of weekly Communion" by Kenneth Wieting. This book offers the culmination of his research. Here Wieting invites pastors and people to examine the scriptural, confessional, and historical information that supports the practice of weekly Communion. As he traces the practice of the Lord's Supper from the early church to its celebration in the Lutheran Church today, Wieting reflects on how this historic and textual evidence confirms the value of weekly Communion.
The Blessings of Weekly Communion also offers helpful ways to recover the practice of weekly Communion. Wieting shows how preaching the Word prepares for and leads to the celebration of the Lord's Supper in the Divine Service. Each chapter includes discussion questions to help readers reflect and apply the material to their personal and corporate worship.
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