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Gregory Schulz is Professor of Philosophy at Concordia University Wisconsin. An experienced parish pastor, he has earned doctorates both in philosophy and in theology, has preached and taught in Cambridge, South Africa, and Hong Kong and throughout the United States. He is the author most recently of "The Fellowship of His Sufferings: Four Briefings", available as a copyrighted but free PDF book by request to thefellowshipofhissufferings@gmail.com. For more of his background and his philosophy of philosophy (!), please see www.lutheranphilosopher.com or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Part 1: Live Not by Lies: Why Science as Such Should Never, Ever Set Policies for COVID, Etc.

When you think about it, is science really a competent standard for making policies regarding COVID – whether in the Unites States or in our churches and schools? Our speaker makes the case, philosophically and biblically, that the narrowness of the scientific method plus science’s methodological dismissal of the authority of sacrosanct texts such as the Declaration and Holy Scripture make science an illegitimate, false authority for moral and policy decision making. 

Part 2: Live Not by Lies: The Ontological Option for Media In-Formation

A generation or two ago, the slogan was, “The medium is the message” (Marshall McLuhan). Our speaker explains how and why this slogan has become urgent and crucial for us in the Information Age. His concern is not simply with debunking the pseudo news of the legacy broadcast media and technocratic social media, but more fundamentally with the media or means of grace for the (in-)formation of our very being as human beings.